Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Slower Pace

Got 1 more day w/Danna before they go home.

Just 2 stops today (which was nice):

Breakfast at Side Street Cafe in Costa Mesa.
(our favorite was the stuffed french toast)

Then Shaw's Cove in Laguna Beach.
Dolphins were there to greet us.
(see one out there?)

Today's group at the tide pools by a private cove.
(Xochitl, far right, is one of Danna's young women)

Owen & Drew both used to line these same cars up like this.
They were her beach toy of choice.

The beach was amazing.
So pretty and secluded.

Friday, March 25, 2011

In One Day

Sprinkles Cupcakes

San Diego Temple

Point Loma Seafood

Point Loma Lighthouse

Belmont Park
Rode the Big Dipper roller rickety...and so fun.

Mormon Battalion Museum
She put her arm around me to pose for this picture. Purrr.

Old Town
Chocolate, strawberry, and cilantro tortillas were fun to try...once.

Our day apparently went downhill if we started at the temple and ended a little tipsy.

But really it didn't. Our day was awesome.

And that is obviously root beer.

And Danna should come down again soon so we can have more days like this.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Reunion Week

Day 1
  • Sally's Bday
  • Emily & Ryan's Wedding (above - Grandma's doing better!)
  • Mom & Dad birthday shopping with their March birthday grandchildren
  • Played at park
  • Home for cupcakes (our grubby selves skipped the reception)

Day 2
  • Drew's Bday
  • Family dinner and games
Day 3
  • Tide-pooling

that would be sea slug ink

Grandma's hats
  • grilling & jacuzzi-ing

Day 4
  • Dad, Grandpa, & Drew built me a flower box (poppies!)

  • Mormon Battalion Museum
  • Point Loma Seafood
  • Said bye to Dad
  • Cole's 3rd visit to a Nordstrom Rack

Day 5
  • Shopping with Rachel & Errin
  • A St. Patrick's Day (eve) fishing pond
Nevermind the Christmas's green!
Mom found a random assortment of fun green prizes.

Day 6
  • St. Patrick's Day @ Sea World
glasses and jewelery from the fishing pond

Gwen wasn't a fan

there's a random kid in this picture


Thanks Sea World for our free annual visit!
(for military families)

Day 7
  • Said bye to Mom, Rachel & Cole
  • Jared finally got his cinnamon rolls (I've owed him for 1 1/2 years)
  • Hair done (thank you Karen)
  • Tide-pooling (Karen's family missed the first trip)

that's one huge, dead crab


I gave Sally my bad hugging gene

enjoying Derek's glasses and headphones

that's hot

  • Cessy's Taco Shop

Day 8
  • VG's Donuts/Pipes Cafe
  • Beach


the happy couple

  • Pizza Port
  • said bye to the Burrs

And then yesterday Jason & Candace left.
Our house is so quiet now, it's weird!

It was obviously a good week.

You might not believe it, but there are lots of details I left my newly recovered piano bench and yard maintenance thanks to my parents.

I like living in a place that people want to come visit.