Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dennis the Menace in B&W

Taken w/my phone.

Taken w/my camera.


Truth or Dare


 Everyone gets along with the baby.

But the rest have been a little too bickery lately.

I blame daylight savings.

So when this particular trip to the forest took a turn for the worse,
I taught them Truth or Dare.

It worked.

I got a boy ballerina,

 a tree kisser,

 a public pee-er, 

 and an armpit smeller.

Obviously, "Dare" was the popular choice.

When I chose truth Drew asked,
"Is it true you like fish?"

They're still getting the hang of it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Lady Washington

This is Lady Washington (pic from Wikepedia).

It's a replica historical ship that tours the coast and does programs with schools.

It was also in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and is Hook's ship on Once Upon a Time.

I haven't seen either of the above.

But since it's docked in Moss Landing for a week we went to check it out.

Honestly, I think it's neat to look at from far away, but there wasn't much to see on the boat itself.

I even liked the walk along the long dock looking at all the boats and sea lions better than being on the boat itself.

But it was super nice of the volunteers to open the boat up to the public.

And Moss Landing is a good place to spend a Saturday morning (Justin and the boys explored a military surplus store and we got a bunch of cheap produce at a farm stand).

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Magical Forest

Across the street from the kids' school is a forest with walking trails that lead to Pebble Beach.

We've gone a couple times with the Laflans.

One day someone had built a wooden ring so the girls could play My Little Pony.

And luckily Sally came prepared with a highlighter for manicures.

All days there are dogs being walked and the kids try to play with every single one.

Don't be surprised if you see more from here (also where we went for Halloween pictures), it's our new favorite place.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

October Extras


Major Lego sorting during General Conference.

Took the kids to the beach while Justin was at the Priesthood session.
It was a super nice day, low tide, and lots of fun stuff was found.
Wish we could take credit for the octopus.

Owen's rock collection (pre Rachel's generous donation).
Drew and Sally also have a few rocks.
They each had theirs displayed and told me all about them.

This is my favorite part of the rec trail.
I was attempting the Couch to 5k program.
I think I got to day 5.

There was a small Civil War re-enactment on the DLI base.
We all suffered through it for Justin.
K it wasn't that bad and we weren't there long.
But it was nothing compared to the ones we've seen back East.
At least there were some canon launches to appease the boys.

I was hoping another event in downtown Monterey would fare better.
It didn't.
The Pacific House was open for free,
but this picture is about all we got out of it.

"E.T." in the park saved the day.
My kids had never seen it before and are now fans.
I was having a lovely time until I had to take my loud baby to the car.

This was the Saturday at the end of fall break (the week Errin was here).
The kids would've been perfectly happy going to the park every day.
Wish I was so content.

While we were at the above park (actually the school playground),
Justin got to pretend he knows how to golf.
A friend invited him to the fancy course on Pebble Beach.

It's safe to say he likes cheese.

We were at the aquarium finishing up Owen's last Bear Scout requirement.
Yes, 3 days before he turned 10.
August enjoyed his new walking freedom to explore.

Oh this was a crazy aquarium trip.
We were there right up until closing.
The volunteers had all left the area when we heard this loud flapping.
We look over and see a big flatfish (flounder) flipping hysterically on the floor.
It had somehow jumped out of the tank!
The workers later said this has never happened.
We all just kind of stared not knowing what to do.
A guy there finally picked him up by the tail and got him back in ok.

After spending way too much time sewing,
I finally had to give up on my mummy costume.
I was too lazy to iron all those tea-bag dyed strips of sheets.
It ended up looking horrible and is now in the garbage.

We don't have In n Out, Rubios, or Chick Fil A,
but we do have Papa Murphy's take and bake jack-o-lanterns.

My friend took this hilarious picture of Justin.
We were at a costume party and this creepy get-up is what he wore.
Since my mummy failed, the best I could come up with was a sister missionary.
It was a cop out, but kind of funny next to creepy Justin.

She set up shop post trunk-or-treat.

He loves this bow and arrow (a birthday present),
but those arrows are always lost.

Justin retrieved a couple of them from this tree in our front yard.

He watched.

 More into eating than carving.

Hand carving was taking too long.

The alternative to carving.

The finished products.
Sally's got de-painted, but never fully carved so it's not pictured.


She couldn't wait for me to be done taking Halloween pictures.
Too many cool trees to climb.