Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween 2013

Costume Fun Facts
- Drew was only allowed to wear that creepy mask for trick or treating. That didn't even last long because it made his face sweat.
- Owen's mask also didn't last long.
- Sally fell in love with that witch hat after I had already ordered her a mermaid costume. I returned the mermaid and she ended up just being frustrated with that hat because it wouldn't stay in place. She took it off in-between every house.
- August was totally fine with his ensemble.

So the moral of the story is they should all let me choose their costumes.
But I do love that we ended up with a scary-ish black and white theme.

In other Halloween news, Sally participated in the school costume parade.

And of course we trick-or-treated.

I like this guy's way of handing out candy:

People were nice to offer candy to August.
Most of the time we declined, but this lady insisted and he was pretty into it.

After going around a few houses in our neighborhood we met up w/the Laflans.
That is a real dog, not a human dressed as a dog, just to clarify.

These senior citizens were meeting for their weekly jam session and invited us in for a number.
It was actually pretty sweet.

Lots of pounds of candy later we called it a day.

Actually, a bathroom emergency ended our day.

And that's a Halloween wrap.

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