Friday, November 01, 2013

Too Dark, Too Light, Too Blurry, but Just Right

Last week was blessedly slow at work.
So I re-learned my manual camera settings and took some horrible pictures.

But they're kind of precious at the same time.

August loves Justin.

He cries when he leaves,
is so excited when he gets home,
and will almost always choose him over me.

He's the first of our kids to be a daddy's boy/girl at this age and it makes Justin so happy.


The Watkins said...

These are so awesome Shauna. I love how into Justin he is. And it will be so good that you captured it.

Anonymous said...

I am getting used to seeing Justin with longer hair and scruff after 9 or so years of military haircuts. LOVE any pictures you take. These really captured the special relationship between Justin and August.

Becky said...

adoreable. absolutely adorable.