Monday, February 23, 2015

The Life

I posted this picture on Instagram the other day and a friend commented that I live the life.

That day I most definitely did.

We met friends at Stillwater Cove and kayaked our little hearts out.

Owen and Drew, who were pretty scared last time we went (in a 2-man kayak, me in charge), had a change of heart. They did awesome on their own and just took off.

I went out with Auggie for awhile and it was my own personal heaven. He was so content and I'm gonna assume he loved it as much as me. He didn't want to go back to shore. When we finally did, his hands were purple from the cold water dripping on them as I paddled. Never complained once.


The day before we had a great time, too (the kids had the week off from school).

Justin loaded up the bikes and an extra kid (Owen's friend Kevin) for a ride to the old bunkers and watchtower at Fort Ord.

(first kid was Kevin, followed by Drew)

So fun. So pretty. Love where I live a lot.

But then Wednesday came and my work week started.

And oh my gosh it was one of the worst work weeks of my life. Beyond busy and stressful. I worked literally nonstop. Neglected the kids and missed out on the rest of their school-free week. Justin was here so they weren't fending for themselves, but he was sick. It was horrible.

(thank goodness for awesome friends and neighbors that gave the kids some breaks)

In summary, some days I do live THE life. And I'm grateful for it, trying to take full advantage of this amazing place.

And other days, I just live A life. A crazy, busy, and stressful life.

And sometimes we even eat Life.

The end.

PS Work fried my brain. Then we took the kids to see SpongeBob on Saturday, and my brains got fried even more.


Sunday, February 01, 2015

The River + The Beach



I love how every trip to the beach is different in a good way.
(same goes for every Disneyland trip)

This trip to Carmel River State Beach was great because there were huge king tides.
There was a river with no tides.
We saw dolphins.
And there was a trail just above the beach with amazing views.

The only not good part was that FREEZING river water gave Benjamin a little shock when he fell in.