Friday, October 31, 2008


What's more scary...

These pajama pants?
(you should see the coordinating shirt)

That I like them?
(well, not the print, but the fabric and cut).

That I posted this picture of them?

That this is how we blew Justin's
saved up Pepsi points*?
(*from bottle caps...he had a lot donated from class friends)

That Justin saves Pepsi points?

Happy Halloween!

PS Lindsey made my header again. I'm sure you know by now that if it's cute, she made it. If it has a cheesy black lace border...I made it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Happy Place

Just had to crop out Drew cause he wasn't in a happy place during this picture.

But the place is Earthbound Farms in Carmel Valley.

This will be my new escape
when the fog and cold in Monterey is too much.

It's 15-20 minutes away
and has a totally different (warm!) climate.

So pretty.

Yummy food.

And in the fall there's a corn maze (more like a corn path)

And of course...pumpkins


The Big 05

Owen decorated his own cake...
(with the help of Drew & Porter)
...including the approximately 30 candles

That Halloween candy from trunk or treat
the night before came in handy.

I was so glad I remembered this
birthday cake decorating tradition because...

First he wanted another puffer cake
like the one my mom made last year.
That wasn't going to happen.

Then he wanted Pikachu.
I was trying to figure out how to do that...

When I remembered the tradition!

Can it be called a tradition if we had only done it once before?

And it's not a cop-out!
Owen likes it and he's saving himself from one stressed out mom.

Earlier in the day...

Owen got to be in the Primary Program.

If you called to wish him a happy day,
you most likely heard him randomly say his part,
"Jesus Christ is my Savior."

SO anxious to get home after church for presents...

Favorite birthday quotes:

"I'm listening (i.e. obeying) cause I'm 5 now."

"I don't want to wear my new underwear
cause I don't want to get them dirty."

Do you like how he got undies as a gift?
Hey he needed them, and it was one more thing for him to unwrap.
And he obviously thinks they're special.

He was one happy, helpful, fun kid all day.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Toy Story for Life

NC: Justin's work Halloween party (pregnant w/Drew)

NC: after ward trunk or treat

We were visiting AZ for Halloween.
If we were home I'm sure Buzz would've been worn.

2008 (10/25)
CA: before ward trunk or treat

Owen was 2 years old the 1st time he wore Buzz. It's short on him now, but with those boots hiding the pantsuit he can wear it at least a couple more years... just might have to deal with a little wedgie.

PS Just wanted to clarify that Owen WANTED to be Buzz again. I was all ready to mix it up when the Halloween box came out and he re-discovered the costume.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Pumpkins

10/24 - Pumpkin Carving with friends

Leftover caramel?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Don't Bother Me I'm Vacuuming

It's been 3 months since I've owned a vacuum, so I can show off my new one if I want.

I've been using a hand-held this whole time (moving company just barely approved our reimbursement for the one that went "missing" in the move).

I didn't buy one earlier cause I was afraid our old one would show up.

So ya, back to vacuuming... (and I'm happy about that!)

5 Nice Things About...

...the Birthday Person

It's the birthday (Owen's is Sunday) tradition in kindergarten.

It turns into 20 nice things though
cause every kid wants to say something.

Most of them said some form of,
"he's nice" and, "he shares."

My favorite was an apparently smart girl that said,
"Um well I have been noticing him doing funny things lately."

And a BOY that said he's cute.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Up Close

These are my teeth.

See that dark circle at the root of the last one?

That's an infection where the nerve has died.

That's where I got Part 1 of my root canal this morning.

I just want some sympathy.

Because after the root canal is done, I still need:
2 replacement fillings
2 new fillings
1 night guard (I grind my teeth, front teeth are starting to chip)

I was the FIRST patient my orthodontist ever put braces on (family friend).
It was special...back in the day before rubber o's.
And because he was the first I got to have a roomful of people observing him/me.

Another Aside
I actually had braces twice.

Then a permanent retainer on the bottom...

And my teeth STILL shifted even w/the retainer in.

I. hate. my. teeth.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's Watching You

10/20 pumpkin carving @ the overfelt's

Now That's Not Nice

Luckily we had a spare.

Can't we at least play fair?

It rhymes.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Photo Op #1: Hacienda Hay & Feed

Because you know the pumpkin picture taking has only just begun.

This was at the end of Owen's TWO-week fall break (it's not year-round school, but they have a shortened summer break, with 3 long breaks throughout the school year). I go to a place called Parent's Place w/Drew & Sally, which is preschool & playtimes that include parents and younger siblings. This PP gathering was for the whole family.

Owen & Cal Dumped Water on their Heads at the Beach Yesterday

In case you couldn't tell.

And also, that was the longest title ever.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Spectacle

Us and the Overfelts - 10/13

Ever wonder how many people you can fit on a surrey?

It wasn't the relaxing beachfront bike ride I had imagined.

It was more of a workout.

But it was a fun/ny workout.

I want to buy me one of these...forget the running.

Monday, October 13, 2008

It Felt Like a Sunday

Family, food, and games.
even though I stayed home from church w/sick still felt like Sunday with these 3 things:

The Family - my sis Tami & bro-in-law Jay were visiting Jay's parents in Oakland...they carpooled here w/cousins Chad & Cherisse's family. Our first family visitors to our house!

The Food - My favorite version of the so popular Cafe Rio style sweet pork burritos.

The Game - Settlers. None of our guests had ever played before! And Justin couldn't be nice and let one of them win.

Friday, October 10, 2008

At this Rate

Her baby blanket will be finished when she's 16.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

King Benjamin Style

There was the cutest idea in The Friend about watching conference from tents like the people of King Benjamin (here's the simple version of that story).

We couldn't get conference to work on the TV so we watched off the Internet in our room and the bed was our pretend tent. Next time we'll have real ones.

So many good talks but I especially loved L. Tom Perry's in the Sat AM session. Who else wants to go to Walden Pond, live the simple life, and read some Thoreau?

We took
in-between sessions

Saturday break:
Visiting the lollipop tree and doing other carnival games at the
Butterfly Bazaar
(a carnival following the annual butterfly parade
welcoming the migrating monarchs...we missed the parade)

Sunday break:

Photo Nature Hunt

We only had Owen & Drew watch this morning's session.
I was the one needing the stir crazy breaks.

Saturday, October 04, 2008



Why is it that I've had 30+ cavities (+ 1 root canal) in my life and Justin's had 2?

Lucky him got some good teeth genes (cause I have better hygiene so we can rule that out).

But just in case Justin didn't pass those genes on to Drew I took him in young to get checked out.

So far so good.

I thought we were good with Owen, too but unlucky him gets his first 2 cavities filled next week.

Do we really have to fix his baby teeth that are going to fall out anyway?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thanks Again Lady

Here's Lindsey, the header maker (with 1/2 of Cohen).

This shot was taken by her 3-year-old Sophie.

Here's the photographer herself
demonstrating how I feel about her mama's header-making skills.


So much do you like it when I post your pictures w/out permission?