Monday, November 11, 2013

Lady Washington

This is Lady Washington (pic from Wikepedia).

It's a replica historical ship that tours the coast and does programs with schools.

It was also in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and is Hook's ship on Once Upon a Time.

I haven't seen either of the above.

But since it's docked in Moss Landing for a week we went to check it out.

Honestly, I think it's neat to look at from far away, but there wasn't much to see on the boat itself.

I even liked the walk along the long dock looking at all the boats and sea lions better than being on the boat itself.

But it was super nice of the volunteers to open the boat up to the public.

And Moss Landing is a good place to spend a Saturday morning (Justin and the boys explored a military surplus store and we got a bunch of cheap produce at a farm stand).

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Katie said...

How awesome! We love to check out things like that! And I had no idea there were sea lions just hanging around like that! That would definitely have been what I was there for :) Fun stuff!