Saturday, March 01, 2014

Grapefruit for Days

The kids were not ready to go home on Friday like planned, so we stayed one more day.

That meant:

I got to go to the temple.

We visited my grandparents.
Got to pick a ton of grapefruits, some tangelos, and Marie gave us some lemons.

The kids stayed w/my grandparents while I ran and met my new nephew, Walter.
Love his hair.

Then back to grandparents' house for dinner along with Rachel and Jacob.


We left first thing Saturday morning and did the trip straight through.
10 1/2 hour drive in 12 1/2 hours.
Kids did good, but it was me that started going crazy towards the end.
Driving is not fun.

The above picture was our halfway break at a park in San Dimas.

So was this:
Super cool, old tree.

Here's an extra picture that relates to nothing.
Justin was jealous that August got to play Cole's drums and he didn't.

And 8 posts later my AZ trip recap is officially done.


kelli said...

I really like Sally's boots. Looks like your trip was super fun.

The Watkins said...

It's a good trip if it takes 8 posts to tell about it. Walter's hair rad and I like your new short look.