Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter Breakdown

It wasn't the most Eastery of mornings,
but watching the sun rise (as much as possible with the clouds) was a good way to start the day.

More Christmas mixed with Easter.
Drew uses that blanket year-round.
Cause that's what Jesus ate.
 Daily affirmations in the mother's lounge at church.

Photo credit: our tripod.
 Easter Sunday best.
Don't mind Justin's mustache.

My favorite of the day:

We took dinner over to Brent & Errin's house.
Instead of the traditional ham dinner we had fish tacos.
Cause Jesus ate that, too.

More fish (gummy) and honeycomb (chocolate covered).

And corn dogs for those non-fish loving kids.
 Photo credit: Errin

Photo credit: Errin

The Easter bunny came on Saturday for the first time and it was so much better.

I ate some mango. This time I bought it purposefully in honor of Grandma Lunt. It was good on those fish tacos.

I helped teach a lesson in church. 

And that about covers Easter.


rdelight said...

Such a darling pic of your kids. Blow it up. It's a keeper.

Lindsay Riggs said...

I die over August in those pjs.

Rachel said...

I think it's super cool that you watched the sunrise. You need to move here so I can do cool things like that with you. PLEASE!! Also, those are awesome plates.. whose are they and explain them to me! Also, I want some chocolate covered honeycomb. Aaand I love your family picture. And really love August's daily affirmations. hahah

Dave said...

Pretty clever, that honeycomb cereal. And I love pictures of babies in front of the mirror. They are the best.

The Watkins said...

argh! I think you know it's me.

Krissie said...

Love the photos! Also, I have never had mango on my fish tacos, now I must try!

Evaly said...

How cute is your family?! I think the tripod did pretty darn good! Love the yellow.