Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Turn

Justin got poop on a platter for his birthday and I got Disneyland.
Fair, right?
And yes, I was really excited to see the fairy godmother.

Only other picture from the day.
Sally's first time on Tower of Terror.
She's not so sure she wants to do it again.

It was a happy birthday for me at Disneyland.
Justin was nice to go even though he still wasn't 100% better from a little sickness.

My birthday surprise was from Sally.
A book she made with 23 original drawings by her
(okay Drew helped with one and one was actually my drawing).
 I especially love that she wrote, "from Sally" on every single page.
I'm obsessed with the cover picture and hope she writes a story about the,
"two bunnies flying on a pond and the bald flowers growing on it."

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Sara Cotter said...

How fun! We are finally getting to go to Disneyland the end of May. I can't wait to go. It'll be the girls first time going and my first time since my honeymoon.