Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bike Eat Repeat

Drew had his birthday planned out pretty much to the minute (weeks in advance):

Stay home from school.
Bike to Pavel's for breakfast.
Bike to Subway for lunch.
Bike to Subway for dinner.
Drive to Baskin Robbins for ice cream (instead of cake).

Oh, and get a bike as his president. Obviously.

We kept to the plan, until after lunch he decided he didn't want Subway twice in a row.
(thank goodness)

But his alternative was Coco's.

We were half the age of anyone there,
but Drew fell asleep over dinner as if he was one of the senior citizens.

He was so tired, he wanted to wait until the next day to have cake (Coco's chocolate pie).

Drew is still glued to his bike, but it hasn't worn him out enough to fall asleep over dinner again.
(he was probably awake since 4am on his birthday waiting for us all to wake up so he could have his bike).

Love that little 9-year old.

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