Tuesday, March 24, 2015

7th Heaven

Sally asked if her birthday could be as special as Christmas.

The morning included her usual birthday breakfast request of pancakes w/strawberries & cream.
Also, a scavenger hunt to find her presents.
And a candy bar poster.

To celebrate the rest of the day, we considered a party. Or a trip to the American Girl store.

But in the end, she chose a half day at school, then lunch, pedicures, and a trip to Claire's with Tes.
And some extra birthday cash.

Drew had a baseball scrimmage so that got thrown in there, too.

For lunch, the girlies were set on McDonald's.

The pedicure was her first and the man she got was so sweet (free flower for her birthday).

Her Lalla Grill pick for dinner was delish.
And I was very okay with her wanting fondue instead of a cake.

The glasses were one of her Claire's picks.
And I kind of wish they're real cause she looks so cute in them.

Not sure if it was as good as Christmas, but she was a happy girl.


Rachel said...

Oh I love her in those glasses, I wish they were real too! I like that she chose them though. I hope Penny can grow up to want fondue instead of cake. Mmmm. Also the friendship necklaces are the best!

Evaly said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like a perfect birthday to me!

The Watkins said...

You make birthdays so fun. I don't know if my kids would pick as fun/yummy locations though. My birthday is coming up in June. Can I celebrate with you?

The Watkins said...

That pic of her choosing her polish color is my favorite!