Sunday, October 11, 2009

Best of Both Worlds

ocean view

from a forest-y campground

This was the perfect camp site at New Brighton State Beach. The campground is up above the beach so we got our tent and fire in trees then thanks to a little path we got beach access, too.

fire popped popcorn at night

playing with fire in the morning

still tired

hot chocolate

seat...the fender

Don't let this fool you...I slept in the van w/Sally...
much less scary/more enjoyable that way.
Missed out on the mating raccoons, though.

the path to the beach

Sally fell asleep in her arms...after calling her, "mom"
and not wanting me to hold her.

beach shower

finally got up close to the cement ship at Seacliff Beach
(we were camping about a mile from it...
tried walking there from our site
but we didn't have enough time before check out
so we drove there on our way home)

Sally's face represents the stench of the sea lions.

Seacliff Beach pier and cement ship in the background.

Camping and I are friends again.
It was the best.
And so much better with friends.

P.S. We had a good group site (#3) at NBSB...but if you go w/just your family get has the best ocean view (the top 2 pics were taken from #22 before it became occupied).


Shannon said...

i'd be in the van too. and every little kid i know loves shauna b- she's like a baby whisperer

Sarah said...

I liked Shannon's comment about Shawna B. That's funny. I'm glad you and camping are friends and I'm sorry Sally called someone else "MOM", but still really funny.

Rochel said...

looks like lots of fun! Did you hit the Taco Shop while you were in the area, or was it truly camping?

Jessica Crozier said...

Adorable pictures!! Love the one of Justin and Sally, even if she's smelling sea lions! Too cute!

KatieJ said...

What a great place! I want to go camping there- but like you I would sleep in the van! Sally is getting so long and lean!

Jenny said...

Looks like you all had fun. I have such fond memories of camping when I was little, but haven't been brave enough yet to take mine.
If I ever visit this area of California, (Monterey, right?), all I will have to do is go through your blog to find cool things to do there.

mle1777 said...

I have fond memories of Seacliff beach growing up. It was one of the best beaches we always went to. I must say you are brave to camp with 3 little ones, but looks like it was a blast. You inspire me!!

Rachel Lyn said...

i love sally in navy. i love drew in forest green, i love owen in brown. i love your kids jackets. They match their personalities :)

Lindsay Riggs said...

We'll definitely get #22. Looks so picturesque!

Sara Hollobaugh said...

Looks like tons of fun! We had our ward camp out this weekend and we slept at the Hollobaugh's!! My kind of camping if not in an RV!

Robyn Hollobaugh said...

What great pictures! You have an awesome camera. And a CUTE CUTE family!!!!!

Nutts said...

Diddo to all of the above. Great photos of everyone!

When we do finally get to be neighbors, it will have to be in Monterey so I can enjoy you AND all these terrific places. What a dreamy place!

berrygirl--Jaime said...

You got some really nice pictures. Sorry, I couldn't tell where exactly you camped at. Where is it? It's so much more fun to camp with friends too.

Steph said...

Okay, three favorite pictures: 1.Drew showing us the new and improved way to ride.
2. Justin showing 'em how it's really done
3. Daddy #2 and Owen at the shower...way cool shot! Love the colors.