Monday, February 24, 2014

Feelin the Love

Why am I posting this? No shame.
This is how hot we looked for our Valentine's date.
When I picked up our babysitter, her uncle looked me up and down and I'm pretty sure was suppressing a laugh.
But we were getting fully clothed massages and Justin's dinner of choice was Chipotle. So comfort came first.
I had been to this massage place the week before with girlfriends and loved it so much I had to get back ASAP.
This was Justin's first massage experience and unfortunately he was not impressed.
We both felt a little beat up afterwards and had Indian burns on our legs.
But then we went to the Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach (yes, looking like that) for some delightful hot chocolate around a fire while listening to live jazz music played by an extra old white lady on drums, a medium old black dude on piano, and a young white guy on bass.
We were entertained.
This was Feb 13 because the kids and I were headed to AZ right after school on Feb 14.

Speaking of Feb 14...
Our Valentine's traditions consist of extra large Hershey kisses, a scavenger hunt to find their little gift (Owen's reading a clue above), and as much heart-shaped food as possible.

The gifts:

Class Valentines:

Printed these Minecraft Valentines online per the boys' requests (no, not from Pinterest. I did this crazy thing called a Google search). I think that middle one is border-line inappropriate. My pun-loving self was happy with the "Are you a block of dirt because I dig you" one.

You may have noticed Sally's gigantic lip above. The day before Valentine's she got a tooth extracted and a double dose of numb lip. While her lip was numb, she bit it over and over. Next thing I knew it was HUGE. She was (understandably) self conscious about it and wasn't up to school on Valentine's Day. So sad to miss party day. I texted her teacher about picking up her Valentines at the end of the day and she said she'd send them home with Owen and Drew. Then later that morning Mrs. Wright texted to see if we were home and could she stop by do personally deliver Sally's Valentines. She ran over during P.E. and made Sally's day. Mine, too. So, so sweet.
I love that Sally does a full on smile in spite of the lip.

Drew came home with this awesome Valentine's box.

Owen came home with a clever Minecraft (surprise, surprise!) one.

And then we were off to AZ.
Sally set the van up for our trip while the boys were at school.

And 5 minutes into our drive, he already needed his first distraction: balloons. Or, "ba."

We broke up the trip that night with a halfway hotel stay in Pomona.
4 kids and me in a hotel on Valentine's night wasn't exactly romantic, but it was memorable.

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The Watkins said...

I love the creeper one. It will give the parents a laugh when they see it.