Wednesday, February 26, 2014


We met my sister-in-laws Erica, Sara (plus Payten & Grayson), and Bethany (plus Gavin & Drake) for some fishing.

Owen caught SEVEN. Compared to Erica's one and everyone else's zero. Oh Sally, had one bite but it got away.

Bethany and I spent most of the time keeping Auggie and Drake away from the water.

Sally had fun, but that lip was giving her too much trouble. The whole trip. Even had to get her on antibiotics because her whole cheek and even eye were swelling.

Then we had more fast food.

One more (mostly) happy day to our week.

PS Earlier that day we went to the library to get a museum pass. And then the kids chose a bunch of books, most of which never got read. Here, Owen is in the mining section (obsessed with Minecraft).
After that, my mom and Owen went to visit Sister Dyer and her enormous rock collection. Owen of course loved it.


Rachel said...

What the best picture ever of August with the Sonic cup!! And the ones of him on Sally's shoulders! Proud of Owen for those 7 fish!

The Watkins said...

Amazing pictures, as always. And oh me some sonic too.