Monday, February 10, 2014

The 3rd Child. And the 4th.

Sally lost her first tooth and this is the best I have to show for it.
She had a huge cavity that abscessed so the dentist had to extract.
Sadly, it was a tooth that normally doesn't fall out til like 12.
So she has a spacer in there until then.
Same procedure gets to be repeated this week on the other side.
The above picture was before putting the tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy.
She had been sleeping in our room after waking up so much in the night cause of pain.

I feel like I should offer Sally's Valentine labeling services to those in need.
It's her favorite.

 Friday was the 80's themed daddy-daughter dance at school.
Sally won the kindergarten hula hooping contest and those glasses were her prize.
I'm not gonna lie...pretty proud to have a hula hooping champion in the family.

 Love this picture.

Also loved this:
Yes, Justin's Facebook name is Ju Ho, "for security reasons."
He took it upon himself to locate a crimper for the occasion.
We ended up with a waver, but close enough.

 Sally won the fun weekend award.
She got to go to a very cute rainbow-themed birthday party for a school friend on Saturday.

And August's love of all things plush is still going strong.

As is his love of water.
He got good and wet during Owen's baseball assessments.
But all that wet means we got more rain. Yay!

Nothing to do with children numbers 3 and 4:
2/6 (photo credit: Lauren)
Made Danna's famous raw mango tart for a friend's birthday brunch.
It was as pretty and yummy as I remember.


Rachel said...

That tart looks like heaven. Maybe I should have it at my baby shower. Love Sally's hair! Did Justin even crimp it? And that rainbow party is super cute. Proud of Sally for her tooth, and sad for her spacer. How much does your tooth fairy pay? Also, I might have to challenge Sally in hula hooping, I got pretty good from my recess aid days. Only a few kindergartners could beat me. :)

The Watkins said...

Dave and I got a good laugh over Justin's fb name. I love Sally's kinder handwriting. I love what a fun dad Ju Ho is. And I love your awesome pics.