Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Reasons

Grandpa Lunt and Aunt Sherri

Everyone that could make it out of my parents' family.

Grandpa and Jill watching cousin Curtis perform.

Cute table decor at the open house featuring Grandpa's favorite sayings.

Aunt Sherri and Uncle Clel.

Grandpa going through his famous sayings with cousin Suzanna.

1. Grandpa Lunt's 80th birthday celebration.

2. Aunt Sherri's 10-year battle with cancer is coming to an end.

3. Gilbert temple tour.

Those are the reasons I decided the long drive to AZ without Justin (who had school) would be worth it.

Had been going back and forth for days and finally decided to go the day before we left.

The pictures above are from the celebrations for Grandpa's birthday. Was so glad Sherri & Clel (who is also suffering so much from his cancer) could attend both for a little bit in the midst of such pain. They are saints.

Saturday night there was a big open house for friends and family. 

Sunday night there was a family dinner and Jeopardy in my parents' backyard.

Getting to tour the temple was a big hope, but I wasn't sure it was going to happen. The whole family had gone Friday night. We got in town just in time to clean up and get to the open house on Saturday. The second the program at the open house was over we booked it for the temple. I knew we'd be cutting it close, but didn't realize how close. Pretty sure it was a little miracle that we made it. We were literally the last tour of the last day of the open house. It was so beautiful inside but I was also so struck by it's presence from the outside. We could see it glowing from at least 3 miles away. I loved when Sally said, "We get to go IN there???" The baptismal font and the celestial room were favorites. Drew wants to get baptized there. I told my mom that and she reminded me that Grandpa Lunt had been baptized in the Mesa temple font. So awesome.

Between all that Sherri & Clel's family is going through, I was extra grateful to go through the temple and be reminded that families are forever.


Lindsay Riggs said...

These pics are beautiful! The top one of grandpa and Sherri is priceless! Yay that you came!

Rachel said...

Love all the pics you got and I'm proud of you for going to the temple even though I thought it'd be wayy to busy. Your kids will remember it forever!