Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hot February

I know Arizona gets full on hot in April, but February?! We were not prepared for the record heat.

But we spent President's Day outside anyway at the new Riverview Park. Side note: my kids got the whole week off of school for "President's Break." Loved it.

Awesome park, but I have never seen one so crowded in my life.

The only way we survived was thanks to my aunt Denise's huge tent shade.

And popsicles, a splash pad, and drinks from a water gun.

Later in the afternoon the kids were still having fun and the weather was better. So we called more family to come down, Jacob picked up Chick Fil A, and 7 hours later we were finally done.

In that last picture....August was smiling on demand with this big cheesy grin for so long. We were all dying so he kept it up. Total ham. And Jacob is such a great uncle.

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Rachel said...

I still like to go through my phone and look at all Auggie's cheesy smiles. Love the pic of Karen with Oliver and August so much. And precious Sally & Gwen. :)