Thursday, August 01, 2013

Pirate-y Inflatable Bats

Last Saturday was the Feast of Lanterns festivities at Lover's Point.

Those festivities ended up being a couple of food vendors that are normally at farmers markets.
And some over-priced rides/activities.

The kids got to choose one thing to do and they all chose to throw a couple bean bags at some fat cats.
And they all (even Sally who didn't hit her target) got an inflatable bat.
With pirates on it (no relativity to the Feast of Lanterns whatsoever).

But they were happy.

And immediately started battling.

Insert way too many battling pictures here:

Took a break from the action for the Lover's Point beach.

Sally hit the sea glass jackpot.
 And by jackpot, I mean she found like 7 pieces.

 Twins by accident.

 The potato tornado looks better than it tasted.

The day festivities were fine to do once.

The night festivities however were awesome.
We ended up sitting by a family from church who are the loudest sober people I've ever met.
Very entertaining.

Everyone sits on the beach and watches a cultural show about 2 lovers who were forbidden to marry,
so they escaped and turned into butterflies.
Or something like that.

 The sea dragon was awesome.
Totally worth those people treading water forever in freezing water.

The night ended with a great (privately funded) fireworks show over the beach.
I have to say privately funded, since the city doesn't have 4th of July fireworks (still bitter).
A local realtor foots most of the bill for this celebration of Pacific Grove history.
We'll take it.


The Watkins said...

Drew looks so old to me in these pictures. Cool background for a festival. At least you're still near the water. :(

Katie said...

I love that I started following your blog oh so many years ago - you inspire me (and by extension us) to get out and do things. We're still not as good at it as you all - but we're working on it :) Thanks for all the inspiration :)