Thursday, August 08, 2013

K, 2, 4

A little excited "because the 1st day you don't really do anything."
A tiny bit nervous.
A little hesitant going to class, but he's not the same kid he was a few years ago.
More confident for sure.

After school, he was excited to report that he gets three recesses plus PE every day.
I'm happy about that, too.

And just cause I know it won't last...
Got right to work on homework without being asked and wrote neatly.

Tears the night before.
Tears in the van as we parked at school (he didn't want to get out).
Tears in the classroom (as we walked in late on the first day).
Was so nervous to not have anyone to eat lunch with or play with at recess.
(Sally and Owen both have friends in their grades already)

After school, he was all smiles.
Owen ended up having the same lunch and recess as him after all.
"Owen is my brother at home and my friend at school."
And then they were fighting a few minutes later.
Also, he lost his other top, middle tooth during recess.

Her only tears were the night before when she realized she couldn't wear flip flops.
"And my toes can't move in my Converse!"
She and Tes are not only in the same class, they sit right next to each-other.
Had, "the best day ever."
Today, she wouldn't even let me walk her to class.

And then there's

Wasn't used to all the quiet.
Played alright on his own, but wanted me most of the day.
Happy to be reunited with Sally.
Shrieked w/excitement when the boys walked up to the house.


I think all 3 kids ended up with good teachers this's a huge relief.

I was very bummed to have our summer cut 3 weeks short due to our move,
but the quiet, clean house today is kind of awesome.


Jaime said...

I'm curious what teachers your kids have? I'm glad they like it. Our summer is extended by a couple weeks. My kids like it, not sure that I do. I like that I don't have to be up making lunches every night and up at the crack of dawn every morning during the summer but I miss having a clean, quiet house that I have during the school year. I also like that I have time to do activities with my kids during the summer but overall I am ready for them to go back to school. They are too.

Rachel said...

Go Owen, the eldest! Love that Owen and Drew are friends at school and brothers at home. Also losing a tooth at school is the best so that's exciting for him! I really feel for Sally. I hate when my toes can't move in shoes. At least converse are the cutest. And so is August.

Evaly said...

I would love a quiet, clean house!! But I don't know if I'm ready for lunches and homework and getting everyone out the door EARLY. I'm glad you all had a pretty good first day though! I forgot that Sally was going into Kinder- crazy!