Sunday, August 18, 2013


The Concours was this weekend, which meant lots of fun car sightings throughout the week.

Loved the miniature car show in downtown PG.

Little Rascals.


That guy and his birds are everywhere.

Then yesterday after trying to see some fancy cars at the wharf,
we caught the end of the Concours d'LeMons.

It was the exact of opposite of everything Concours d'Elegance.

Elegance = exclusive, expensive, fancy, in Pebble Beach.
LeMons = free, in a park next to Chili's.

Some of the cars were awesome.

And then there were others.

Okay, those are awesome, too.

Inside that camo limo:
It had some amazing details.

LeMons obviously had (not) a huge budget for signage.

We loved this little show and fit right in.
And then we went to Chili's.


The Watkins said...

You guys are packing in the fun. Looks like there's a lot of stuff do do, you're making Monterey seem like a pretty sweet vacation spot right now.

Evaly said...

haha! love it.

Katie said...

Chili's :) that would've sealed the deal for me!