Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Safe

This safe was one of Owen's Christmas presents.
I like that it has guards.
And that he leaves the key in it.

The safe used to be mine.

My dad made it for me when I shared a room with
Tami and Karen, and needed a space of my own.

I kept my collections in there.
My key-chain collection.
My worry doll collection.
And most importantly, my Kevin Johnson basketball cards.

It has been passed down to a few of my siblings.
Not sure who all had it, but I know someone used it for tithing and savings.
I know this because:

Cole was the last to use it.
He stored his precious gerbil food in there.

Somewhere along the line the key got lost.
So Genius Dad made the lock fit a random key he had.

And now Owen uses it for his money, silly bands, Lego Minifigures,
and a ring he got from Sally.

It makes him happy.


Krissie said...

That's really cool

Sarah said...

I really like this story. It makes me feel happy and a part of your life:)

danna said...

This is seriously adorable!

errin said...

I'm pretty sure that's my tithing and savings handwriting although i don't quite remember doing that. - Brent