Friday, April 13, 2012


Our free spring break thanks to:

Carlsbad State Beach

Environmental Nature Center
(where we caught crawdads then learned we weren't supposed to be doing that there)

Centennial Farm

Orange County Great Park
(where Owen's fear of heights got to him and he bolted right before our turn to ride the balloon)

Shaw's Cove

If I could just add gas, Crab Cooker, and Cafe Rio to that list,
our week would've been complete (in the free department).


Lindsay Riggs said...

That is amazing! Seriously, a free hot air balloon ride??

danna said...

What a fun week! We haven't had that much fun in awhile!! You are the best!

The Watkins said...

Love those 2 pics of Sally--spinning on the carousel and looking up at the balloon. So cool.