Sunday, April 08, 2012

A Hoppy Easter

Egg Coloring

Beach Hunt

Someone had left an Easter-y design for us.

The hunting arena:

Hiding the eggs was way too much fun.

They got a head start.

This was so worth all the sandy eggs and baskets.


The only picture I had time for before church.
And seeing as the kids strip down in the car on the way home,
this is all I have to represent our Sunday best.
And no, Justin, Sally's dress is not from Colorado City.

Pretend Owen is in there.

Church was really good.
Loved watching "He Is Risen" as a family afterwards.
Ending our day w/dinner at Brent & Errin's wasn't so bad, either.

We had a lovely Easter weekend.
Wait, no a hoppy Easter weekend.
(Sorry, can never resist that one).
Hope you did, too.

1 comment:

Lindsay Riggs said...

I am jealous of your beach egg hunt! And NO, that dress is NOT from Colorado City! It's the one I've been wanting to buy from crewcuts for forever!