Sunday, May 20, 2012

In Non-Baseball News

 We visited the library.
They spent the entire time on the computer.
(and Errin taught me how to do cute buns in Sally's hair)

 I met some Monterey friends in San Clemente at Califia Beach.
I love my friends and seeing new beaches.
And yes, I have no business being in pictures for the next 6-12 months.

Loved Califia Beach.
 The kids spent most of their time in this tunnel (and loved watching the train that went over it).
Don't ask what Drew was doing in there.

Friday the boys had fathers and sons.
Sally and I joined Brent & Errin's family for a scooter ride on the boardwalk.
This picture of Jones and Sally frolicking along the beach is all I have to represent both adventures
(which also included a yummy dinner at Felix's BBQ with Soul).

Justin said the boys had fun but he did not like their location at all (right by a road/train/pot smokers).


Rachel Lyn said...

I love Sally's bun! And uh.. yes you have business being in pics you look good! Especially your tan legs!

Jenny said...

I wish you could teach me how to do buns like that with Kate's hair.

By the way, I love that our kids will randomly have the same items of clothing. But this time, we have the same H&M skirt. love