Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Baseball season just ended.
Can't move on without a few more memories.
Like everyone's favorite: the snack shack.

And just behind that, where all the kids who weren't in the game would play wiffle ball.

Drew's pitching.

A sad elimination in the first play-off game for the Giants.

The Giants' official team picture.

And the best cheering section at Owen's last game.

They look so much alike.

Owen's game was a bummer loss.

I'm going to miss seeing our long last name barely fitting on the back of their jerseys.

Until next season...


The Watkins said...

These make me miss baseball. I can't believe Drew is old enough to be in self pitch! Ahh...the trees! It kills me how green and rugged it is. Even at the baseball field.

The Watkins said...

BTW, I didn't tell you, but I tried to convince them to go to Dennis the Menace park when we were there. I was telling them how cool it looked from your pics, but they weren't buying it. When we come with the kids, I guess...

Rachel said...

I need to stop being a jealous aunt seeing them with their Hollobaugh aunts. 😏 that wiffle ball area is beautiful!