Monday, May 25, 2015

Garrapata + Bixby Bridge + Hollobaughs

 Gracie barks at every single dog, big or small.

And since I'm taking pictures of dogs, might as well add some birds...


It was fun coming back here in a new season.

The wild calla lilies were dying, but everything was so green.

Loved the new, orange wild flowers (in the background above).

Sally's illegal wildflower bouquet:

At Bixby Bridge, we risked our lives running out to the bench in the middle.


Justin and his dad were the only ones brave enough to walk partway down the trail to the ocean.

We still haven't made it to the bottom. One day!

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The Watkins said...

It doesn't really matter what the subject is--dogs or birds--you pictures are always amazing. Oh that canyon!!! It is so vivid. We should have tried to find it! I didn't know there was a bench in the middle of the bridge.