Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day


I got a nap.
Got the day off of cooking and cleaning.
And loved the cute cards and crafts the kids made at school.

Auggie had an applesauce fiasco during sacrament meeting. And it was funny (but probably only because I wasn't the one stuck with cleaning it up).

I planned my menu for the day, printed that french toast recipe (Justin makes his with only eggs; the notes at the bottom were me being annoying), and did the grocery shopping. And this year I was okay with that because Justin graduates in a week and still has so much to do.

The highlight of my day was this video that Justin made for our ward. It's 15 minutes long, but I think it's great even if you don't know the kids.
All the women in church were relieved of our 3rd hour duties and got to watch this video together. It was worth the HOURS he spent on it.

Mostly, I felt the love all day.
I felt grateful for my own mom and thought about the great moms my grandmas are, too.
I felt motivated to be a better mom myself.


Jaime said...

I loved watching that video! So cute.

Annie Packard said...

I always love your posts and I never comment enough :)