Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Team Spirit

These are all the seniors on the Mountain View High School varsity volleyball team (my brother Cole is the shortest one in the middle).
They are all Mormon and every single one of them has received their mission call.
It gives me goosebumps.
Side note: They are playing in the state semi-final tournament this Thursday and it's pretty exciting.

And then I think of my boys.
Owen is the only member of the church in all of Pacific Grove who plays in the bronco baseball division (11-12 year olds). And in Drew's age group there are just two boys. So different from Mesa.

I have to tell this story real fast, not to toot my own horn, but because I learned a lesson.
Owen's first playoff game was scheduled for this coming Sunday.
This is the first Sunday game they would have had all season.
We were bummed, but knew Owen wouldn't play.
I emailed his coach to let him know the situation.
Then last week my friend told me she heard Coach had emailed the league president asking that the game be switched, but got no reply.
So I decided to send an email to the entire PG Pony baseball board.
I explained our situation, that for religious reasons we don't participate in sporting events on Sunday, and I asked if they could move the game to any other day of the week.
A couple days ago I got an email back that said, "The league has moved back to Saturday and avoided Sunday for your family. Thank you for letting us know."
It made me so grateful, but also made me realize it never hurts to ask. I wish I had thought myself to send the email instead of just accepting defeat right off the bat.
Anyway, just thought it was so nice and it made me proud that we made one tiny little difference.


KatieJ said...

I came looking for a picture of redwood trees for my lesson tomorrow (you have some great ones, thanks!) But this story made my day- how awesome!

Rachel said...

I'm glad you recorded that story, it's a good one! Owen will be telling that on his mission I bet. Proud of you guys! And of mountain view VB. I love them.