Monday, May 04, 2015

Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries are so cute.
I looked up the Pacific Grove locations and took Sally and her friend out to the ones I could find.
Above is #1.

We got distracted when we passed this old train stop:

And this Easter-egg decorated tree:


 (this one was my favorite, right by Lover's Point)


The girls ended up with some super random books.
Other than the romance novel I wouldn't let Sally take, they loved their new finds.


Lindsay Riggs said...

Reason #189075523 I envy your location.

The Watkins said...

Yes. Monterey and area are so so perfect. I loved it there. And this is such a cute idea. And if that wasn't a great enough reason to bust out the camera, it looks like Sally is in a good picture taking phase. LOVE that.