Saturday, June 11, 2011

Visiting Visitors

My Katie and Becky (not pictured) friends from AZ came with their entire family to an awesome beach-front house on Capistrano Beach.

Right after school got out (last day) we went up there for a fun afternoon.

It took awhile for our kids to play together.
(could've had something to do with the multiple bathroom accidents mine had)
But ya, they eventually did:

That house they were in was so cool...mission style right on the sand.

One of Katie's cute kids:
It was fun to see them and I always love seeing new places.

Also, I was happy to finally try a famous Pedro's fish taco on the way home (it was good, but I think I like Rubio's and Cessy's better).

Thanks for letting us crash your family reunion!

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KatieJ said...

I'm glad I was making my Popeye face for the picture! And I'm mostly glad you had fun, I wish we were there for another week! Thanks for taking cute pictures of the kids, I love them!