Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Faces

This face is so much better than the one from his first day of school.
(with Ethan, his friend since day 2)

The loud and always happy teacher's aid, Mrs. Patty.

Probably not your average teacher-student last-day-of-school picture.
But she's not your average teacher.

Mrs. Collins...teacher of our year.


Aric and Sally said...

Yay for Owen!
And Yay for Shauna, miss preschool teaching, baby shower throwing, ER patient extraordinaire. Wow, you're a busy lady these days. Hope you're feeling better.

Nutts said...

How lucky for Owen to have a loving teacher. There is no greater blessing, we have had a few like her as well as a few of the "other" kind, lol. That picture of them is the sweetest thing.

Baby shower trauma is hilarious and sad. Glad you are ok!!