Monday, June 20, 2011

He Likes Frogs

He's not quite 8 (the age of pet accountability in our house),
but with the luck of someone moving and his own $5,
Owen now has 2 water frogs: Jango Fett Alan and Boba Fett James.
Wait I think Boba Fett James is now Pacman James.
Either way.

He's been obsessed with frogs/frog books for the last couple months.
But I'm not complaining...this obsession is way better than the Bakugan one.

"I can't stop reading books about amphibians" - Owen, to the librarian


Jessica Crozier said...

Too cute. We have a water frog (used to be two). The amphibian comment is adorable! Emma's a book lover as well. And I can never say "no" to a stop at B&N. You're right…there could be worse obsessions!

ann said...

your photography skills are amazingly good, love all your pictures!

Bethany said...

I love your pictures and the little frog is so cute. I can't believe how long Owen's hair is getting, I like it.

Rachel Lyn said...

Holy cutest 7-year old in the world. I love how happy he is to have his amphibian books. And I am proud to call him my nephew, because of the amazing names he named em. Love OJ!!

danna said...

He is seriously so sweet and adorable!