Monday, June 06, 2011


We're sorry to all the innocent pedestrians that happen to be on the boardwalk
the same time as this little scooter brigade.


brentanderrin said...

I LOVE this picture!

Phil and Stacie said...

my kids have always LOVED their scooters!! My kids think it's funny I won't walk close to them when they're on them though :)

bryce and paige said...

Yet one more party I wish I was present for! Lucy has a barbie scooter and would love to have a friend to ride with. That picture is adorable.
So... since all of you are about to have a super fun running party, I guess I would be crazy not to come! Count me in for the relay! Is Errin going to run? When is she going to have her baby? Email me the details and we'll start planning. We're going to be in St. George during that time so it will be much easier to get there. I'm really excited! brycelunt6 at