Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Long Distance Relationships

They're not always this united when talking to Justin, so had to document this Saturday morning Facetime session.

And thank goodness for Facetime.

August will run to the computer yelling, "Daddy!" and high-5 Justin on the monitor.

So sad when he holds out his arms to him to be held, though.

We all miss him.

Justin is studying Arabic in Amman and seeing some amazing things.

Once in a lifetime opportunity.

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The Watkins said...

Proud of Justin for taking pics of his adventures. Backyard sprinklers and crazy curly slides are adventurous too. I love library pictures, they just capture childhood. And on the rocks, the lighting is so good. Every picture is frame-worthy. It will be good to remember what a fun single mom you were, when you've had it by the end of summer! Those lucky kids!