Sunday, July 06, 2014

Those Donuts

August stayed home from the baseball game with a babysitter.

He's awesome.

But he's also almost 2.

And after 3 weeks of single parenting, a night off from him was great.

We got home from the game at 1am.

August started my Independence Day off earlier than I was ready for the next day.

Thank goodness for those patriotic donuts.

The rest of July 4 went like this:

Monterey Parade

 Notice how not one of my kids is looking and everyone else is.

Josh is so nice to give Auggie some manly attention in Justin's absence.

 Stole this picture from Cat's Instagram.
This guy was the highlight of the parade.

Monterey Street Carnival
 Went for the last hour and the crowds were gone.
Free. No crowds. Good.


We did our own fireworks in Seaside (where they're legal), then finished up the sparklers at home after our lighter ran out. I mostly sat back and watched while Owen and Drew took over lighting duties.

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The Watkins said...

Oh August. I want to eat you up. That picture of everyone looking but your kids made me laugh out loud. Seriously, not even one? Those other people must not get their pictures taken very often. What setting did you use for those sparkler pics?