Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Weekend Warriors

 Sarah sent me this picture of the squid boats out at Lovers Point.

So pretty.

Took Sally and August to have dessert and watch those boats Friday night.
(while Owen and Drew were having movie night with friends)

Only there were no boats.

Must've met their quota.

Climbed rocks instead.

The kids are happy hanging out at home or with friends 99% of the time.
But I get stir crazy.
Especially on weekends when Justin's gone.
So Saturday afternoon I loaded up for a little trip to Big Sur.
But the kids were not excited.
They pretty much begged for the library instead.
And they won.
We spent a long time there and all ended up happy.

400 Degrees Burger added to the happiness.

Ended the day by planting flowers in those lovely planters this rental came with.

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