Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Bonus

Yep, still posting about Christmas.

But 2 days after Christmas, I took baptism pictures for my friend's daughter in our favorite forest:

And while we were there, we saw the tree in the first picture all decked out.

Loved it and had to bring the whole family back later that day to show them.

Sally was the most excited and couldn't resist a little rearranging.

Another bonus every time we go to the forest (which I finally learned has a name: Rip Van Winkle) is the dogs being walked. The owners are usually nice to let the kids play with them.

After a little trip to the library, Justin obliged my request to walk around by Coast Guard Pier.

All the Christmas lights were still up and it was so pretty. I felt like I hadn't been out much since Thanksgiving and wasn't quite ready for the Christmas season to be over. This brought me some closure.

This, and getting up close and personal with my favorite "Peace on Earth" lights. I didn't see them as much this year because of where we live. So sometimes I would specifically go out of my way just to drive past them.
Can't explain why they make me so happy, but they do. It was also cool seeing the huge boats being repaired on this dock.

On an unrelated note, we let the kids choose out their ornament for the year the day after Christmas (50% off, yay). The price tags aren't left on to be tacky, they're there so we can exclaim in 20 years about how cheap they were.
Arranged in order from oldest to youngest. Justin chose Auggie's little stocking. Love it. Love them all, actually.

K now I'm done w/Christmas. I think.


Rachel said...

That decorated forest tree makes me so happy! And I like that Sally loved it. Her ornament is my personal fave as well, but don't tell her if it'll cause hard feelings with others. I know Auggie would be sad. Except I do love his cause it's kinda like Penny's. A random man in Target this year gave us 21 boxes of plain lights like the peace on earth ones. I think I will now copy it for next year. Remind me, k? Miss you guys and WISH we were coming for New Years!

The Watkins said...

That forest is magical. Really. What a cute tradition of letting them pick their own ornament. It's kind of fun to see what they would pick out. And at a discount, it's even better!

kelli said...

Beautiful pictures!