Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Eve

This was Christmas Eve.
But not Christmas Eve night.
This was at 2 in the afternoon.
They had been awake since like 4 in the morning,
thinking they got to open their one Christmas Eve present then.

They had a long day of waiting.

And it was kind of a long day in general.

Justin started throwing up the night before so we had to cancel our little Christmas Eve party.

And he wasn't available to help w/kids while I worked (only 1/2 day but it was a crazy work day).

But once I was done working and they had their naps, things got better.

After pizza for dinner we did the nativity with just our family.
I was the narrarator, Mary, an inn keeper, and an angel.
Justin was a sick Joseph.
Sally, the star.
Drew, a wise man.
and Owen, a shepherd.

There were last minute-changes, so here's what I have pictures of:

The actual nativity made me happy.
I just told the story from memory and we went with it.

Then they opened their one present.

A pillow pet for August, footies for Drew and Sally, and a shirt for Owen.

We watched Rudolph.

(notice the nest Auggie made between Justin's legs)

Then left cookies for Santa.

And the stockings were hung.
(there are random nails on that brick wall and that's where the kids wanted them)

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Rachel said...

Don't blame the stocking placement on the kids, you know you liked it! That picture of you holding Auggie and him holding his pillow pet is the most precious thing ever. His eyes are all close like he loves it. :) I like their footies, and I love pics of any of the kids being sweet with August. It almost made me tear up to see Drew happily putting out the milk and cookies for Santa.