Sunday, December 08, 2013


Justin spent the weekend studying for finals.
The rest of us spent our Saturday freezing at Christmas in the Park and Streets of Bethlehem.

All of the above were from Christmas in the Park.
Free and low-key local party.

Streets of Bethlehem was in Salinas (no pictures).
A huge Baptist church set up their grounds to be like the streets of Bethlehem the day Jesus was born.
It was pretty awesome, but we went at the peak time and it was so crowded.

Also on Saturday...
We don't have the official rainbow loom, but my dad rigged us up one while we were in AZ.
I spent way too long making Owen that first starburst bracelet.

And August got witchy.


Jaime said...

I'm sad that we missed both of those events this year but happy that we got to have Santa at our ward party finally. The kids are growing up so much!

Evaly said...

alright, last comment, i promise. these pics are so darling, the light is beautiful!