Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Kickball for FHE and Owen's ghost legs.
Another special panorama picture.

Pardon that these first 3 pictures are from October...they're from Justin's phone.

Left the powder on his crib railing. Oops.

My gothic child.
Or trunk or treating aftermath.

My favorite school picture ever.

Those trees are filled with thousands of monarch butterflies.
And Sally is more interested in her hand.


What happens when Sally and I take too long in the Target dressing room.

Couldn't help it.

Happy Veteran's Day to us!
Our CPK waiter was nice and comped my meal, too.

Drew's family turkey project made of things from our favorite forest.

Justin went on a scout campout and hot chocolate was necessary.

After getting home from his scout campout, Justin had to go chaperone a youth dance.
It was a long weekend for me and I was just ready for the kids to be in bed.
But I took them to Beverly's to buy rubber bands for bracelets like I had promised.
I was supposed to take them to Pets Mart (Drew's happy place) after,
but when we walked into Beverly's we found out that making those bracelets
was the free craft that day.

 And the baby got balloons.

They loved it and spent so much time that we didn't have to go to the pet store.
I call it one big fat tender mercy of a night.

Working mother problems.

Owen's (and my) Mt. Erebus volcano project.

August and I went to watch his presentation and the explosions.
August was disruptive and Owen did a good job.


More fun in the Target dressing rooms.

Fu Manchu.


kelli said...

Your family is my comic relief!!! I can't wait to show the boys these pictures and video after school.

Evaly said...

LOL- Owen's school pic is the best! My kids want to watch Drew's video again :)