Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week in Review

 This week was performance week.
For Drew and Sally's school performance we had front row seats...on the balcony.

Drew was so proud that he didn't sing or do any actions.
He stood out major being on the front row.

And Sally sang her little heart out on the back row.
(the above picture is of her group)

Owen was happy only K-3 graders perform. He was off the hook.

Then there was the church Christmas party performance.
Short & sweet with 2 songs.

 Our ward Christmas party was a service project.
We bought gifts in advance for 20 local families in need.
At the party we wrapped them, and sorted out food for each family.
I was a little grinchy about this at first.
I couldn't wrap my head around how this was a family activity that would involve the little kids.
But it was really great and I was laughing hard when Drew randomly said,
"There's always time for a bow!"
At the time I thought he was really into accessorizing gifts,
but later learned it's a line from "Arthur Christmas."

 And now for the August/Justin picture of the week:
We have fire!
It comforted a sick August.
And kept Justin company while he had too many late nights studying/writing papers.

This was from Black Friday.
Justin bought Sally a Christmas present and the store was offering free wrapping.
This was the paper he chose.
He thought those were snowflakes, then realized too late that they were Stars of David.


Jaime said...

Cute pictures of course, as usual. I love keeping up with your family. I was surprised when I heard about your ward Christmas party. I guess it teaches a good lesson but harder to invite friends to. I think Monterey Ward should have done both separately. Micah was super excited and amazed when we actually had Santa come to our ward Christmas party this year. He's never known that to happen!

Rachel said...

Did you know that I'm your number one blog follower.. sorry Drew was just quoting a movie but I still think he's into accessorizing :)