Friday, December 27, 2013

Countdown to Christmas

 The week before Christmas Justin went to Southern California to do another week in the reserves.
And apparently got the most amazing sunset during a run.

It was crazy town over here between work, school, and sickness.

There were some highlights, though.

 Candy Cane Lane for family night.

 He is rather obsessed with lights.

We had amazing sunsets here, too.
But sadly they were mostly from a huge fire in Big Sur.
 We went to the beach a couple nights to catch the sunsets.
This was on a cute path by Asilomar.
The night before we trespassed w friends onto the Pebble Beach golf course right by the ocean.
It was just way too inviting.
But we got caught.
Lucky we got away with just a lecture and not a $300 ticket.

 Drew was being a stinker one night so I sent him to sweep the front porch.
 And then Sally went and did it for him.
Sometimes they're nice.

 Justin was home by this point, but he stayed home with sick Drew
while we went back to Candy Cane Lane for yet another Santa.
This Santa came in on a motorcycle (we missed that part) and brought gifts from his Harley group.

Was SO bummed we had a sickie on Christmas Sunday.
Justin said we had the most amazing musical program in church.
Here are the 2 kids that went.
Owen doesn't look super festive, but it's a big deal when he wears a tie.
And this one does have little red stripes you can't see.

 The at home crew.

 I just liked his little shadow.

Later Sunday was gingerbread house making.

And for family night the next night they said they wanted to play tag.
I said we needed to do something Christmassy.
So they came up with Santa tag.

I've addressed Justin's love for Legos many times.
I do not approve of the castles he has on our kitchen shelves.
But the Christmas ones on the piano are fun.


Evaly said...

August Is getting so big! I love the picture of him in front of the door.

Rachel said...

Jacob always talks about legos with our future children, and I just think of how into them Justin is and it makes me happy. I like those Christmas ones. And I'm about to die at that picture of Auggie on the doorstep in his perfect outfit. Proud of Sally for being nice, I'd never do someone else's punishment chore!