Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

 My dad is awesome and installed this playhouse/fort/slide in the basement.

The boy table.

I think Loren was 9 days overdue in this picture.
Just today she gave birth to almost 10 lb Jackson (2 weeks late).
Bless her heart.
Was so sad he wasn't born while we were there.

A. I'm still obsessed with my parents winter grass. They don't make grass like that in Monterey.

B. Thanksgiving night there were 15 kids (make that 16 if you include Cole) sleeping at my parents house. Rachel & Jacob were nice to have Bob and Owen stay at their house.

C. I made green bean casserole. Such an easy assignment and I failed it with very undercooked fresh green beans. I used the recipe on the Trader Joe's french fried onions can. The flavor was so good, it was such a bummer I didn't boil the green beans first. Good thing there was back-up.

D. All of us were at Thanksgiving except Tami's husband Jay, who was home recovering from surgery.

E. And we all get along. Except when Jared bugs me and I bug Brent.

F. Thanksgiving Day was my nephew Bob's birthday. We celebrated with a turkey piñata that Tami's girls had made.

G. I'm so bugged that all the best Black Friday deals happened on Thanksgiving Day. But I guess not bugged enough to boycott the shopping. Went to Walmart with Errin and Karen and got some good deals.

H. It took us 13 hours to get to AZ and 12 to get home. It was worth it, but I'm in no hurry to do that drive again anytime soon.

I. How had I never been to Bass Pro Shops before? Apparently it's the place to see Santa in AZ (free pictures with a nice Santa who wasn't phased by crying children) and just a fun place to explore in general.

J. August loves my dad. He's fine w/most people. But he literally jumped out of my arms when my dad was nearby. Multiple times.

K. My parents are the best. My mom was talking about all the things that wouldn't have happened if my dad wasn't there for Thanksgiving, but the same goes for her. They are amazing.


The Watkins said...

Every SINGLE one of these pictures is amazing. I feel like I was there. I bet your family loves that you captured so much of the details. Because that's the stuff you want to remember.

kelli said...

So precious!!! I love the one of you and August!!