Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Party at Our House

 This is what our New Year's Eve looked like.

Earlier that day August got diagnosed with bronchiolitis.
He's been pretty miserable.

And mean me was going to take him to a parade for an hour anyway.

But then we found out the van battery was completely dead.
(my fault)
And it wouldn't recharge.

So we had to stay home.

First New Year's Eve we've spent with just us...ever?

Everyone else was fine with it, but I was bummed to not make it to First Night or a bonfire with friends.

Tried to make the most of it, though and the kids got to choose what we ate and did.
Food requests: Gushers, Fruit by the Foot, pizza, Goldfish
Activity requests: movies, Nook, puzzles, Apples to Apples.


And I made myself fruit pizza because it looked so good in pictures from Rachel's birthday party.

Owen had a nap in there somewhere, but everyone (except Auggie) made it to midnight.

After some nebulizer treatments and antibiotics Mr. Bronchiolitis is doing better.
Still whiny and clingy, but better.

Felt so good to get the van battery fixed and get out of the house for some Starbucks tonight.

A couple more 2013 memories before we move on:
A kitchen floor tea party with August in his pink-eyed glory.

And a seriously pretty bike ride at Fort Ord Dunes.
During which Sally said, "It's a beautiful day to go shopping!"

Happy New Year!


Rachel said...

Just realizing I never commented on this one.. :). But that tea party makes me happy. And I'm glad my fruit pizza could inspire you. You can never go wrong with it I say.

Moreno's said...

That party looks like it rockin to me! I feel like it's so fun to be home with our kids now and let them get excited about the new year…
hopefully next year you can party harder !!! LOL