Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Funnel Cake and General Conference


Saturday went like this:

General Conference
Good Ol' Days (street fair in downtown Pacific Grove)
General Conference
Monterey Museum of Art's 55th birthday celebration (just Sally and I went).

And then Sunday was filled with more General Conference and not much else.

After the Saturday sessions I was thinking how well the kids did.

And then Sunday came along.

So many great talks, though.

Oh and I lifted my self-imposed ban on Pinterest for some General Conference inspiration. Found this:
Those little pom poms have magnets on them. There was a printable for each of the 12 apostles and first presidency to decorate their tie and first letter of their last name. Sally spent a lot of time with this. And Drew and Owen even snuck a few turns. You're welcome for the half-eaten pretzel in the picture.

Sunday I also took Drew's baptism pictures.

Can't decide which smile I like better, so you get both.

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