Sunday, April 20, 2014

Drew's Baptism

 Saturday, April 12
Seaside, CA

Things I would like to remember about Drew's baptism:

- Our family that came: my parents and Justin's brother Paul came for the long weekend; Linus and Sara's family flew in just for the day (pilot's perks!); my cousin Chad's family came over from Palo Alto; Justin's uncle Wayne and his wife Marian were so nice to come from Mountain View.

- My dad's great talk on The Holy Ghost. Drew will never look at a mouse trap the same.

- Friends that participated. This was a stake baptism with just one other boy, so they divided up program responsibilities. Drew chose Owen's good friend Cal to say the closing prayer. It was a sweet prayer. He left the musical number up to me, so I asked the Carson kids from church to sing "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus."

- Drew's cute face throughout the whole thing. So sweet during his baptism and confirmation. And happy holding his new scriptures.

-  My mom filling out his baptism book with him afterwards on the way to his baseball game.

Things I would like to forget:

- The craziness leading up to the baptism (Owen disappeared with friends for way too long).

- That I forgot to bring Drew a change of underwear and a towel. He got to go commando after the baptism and he and Justin shared a towel.

Straight from the baptism, Drew wanted to go to his baseball game. He made it for the last couple innings and got a great hit.

Then we had pizza at the park right there (George Washington).

 Lucy, Jocey, and Sally in Lucy's "castle"

Paul, Justin, August, Wayne, Marian
(Linus and Sara had to catch their flight)

 Dallin is famous for his faces.

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