Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday to Us

Justin's Birthday
My guitar (that Justin has taken over) got new strings. Wasn't really a present, but came in the mail on his birthday.

A gas leaf blower was his present, but didn't get as much use. Weird!

Crepe paper from the ceiling and ribbons on the wall courtesy of Sally.

A full day of school.

Taco Bell for dinner.

And ice cream cake from Cold Stone.

My Birthday
Justin has Fridays off so we went to my favorite Wagon Wheel for breakfast.

Hiked (more like walked) at Garland Ranch. First time there. So beautiful.
While on our walk Auggie fell asleep on my shoulder. He wants Justin most of the time so this was happy birthday to me.

Got flowers at Earthbound Farms.

Tried to nap. August didn't cooperate.

As we were driving home it started pouring. Kids had to walk home in the rain and were waiting on the porch for us. 

Cupcakes with family before our late dinner.

Tommy's Wok with Sarah and Jeff. 
Left the kids home alone (with sleeping August) and Drew texted us 90% of the time. Justin sent him that pu pu platter picture. Justin is a funny 12 year old. And now I'm wishing we ordered that. 


kelli said...

I love this!! My boys will too. We miss your family.

The Watkins said...

Getting out from behind the camera should be more than an annual birthday tradition. Love seeing your beautiful face.

Rachel said...

I agree with the Watkins! You're pretty. Of course Justin got Taco Bell for dinner. So that's what your house looks like, it's so cute! But sad that they had to wait on the porch.. haha pu pu platter.