Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Pigeon Point and Año Nuevo

 (note all the baby elephant seals in the background)


I am still happy about this day trip to Pescadero last week.

We visited the Pigeon Point Light Station and the elephant seals at Año Nuevo State Park.

I had never been on Hwy 1 north of Santa Cruz. It is amazing.

Like I just wanted to keep on driving. And I hate driving.

And like I wanted to go back the very next day.

Loved the Lighthouse a lot (except the pesky flies).

Año Nuevo was beautiful and the kids did awesome on the 3-mile walk.

I wasn't jumping out of my seat for the elephant seals, though.

There were hundreds of them, but we can get just as close (if not closer) to them in other places.

So yes, I'm just happy the rain went away so we could have one lovely spring break adventure.


The Watkins said...

I want to come see you so bad right now. We just went up to SB and I felt the same way, I just wanted to keep driving along that 101 forever.

The Watkins said...

And I love all your pics as always, but the poppies and the 3 girls are my favorites.