Wednesday, April 02, 2014

April 2nd Day

I let myself down and couldn't come up with a good April Fool's joke for my blog.

My one and only joke for the day was planting these pickles for the kids.

And they totally fell for it.

Drew swore he never planted pickle seeds.

He wanted to pick them, but wasn't sure if they were ripe.

Owen finally picked them hours later after I told them it was a joke.

 We've been having a most rainy spring break so far.

It's cramping my style, but the kids are still having fun.

Sarah sent this watermelon cupcake mix over the other day.

Sally and Tes had fun making and frosting. 

August had fun eating.

The sun finally came out today just in time for our cub scout bike ride.

We rode 4+ miles round trip from Lover's Point to Custom House.

Custom House is the oldest government building in California.

Also, the site where the American flag was first raised and CA was deemed part of the USA.


Dave said...

Dave thinks you're hilarious!

The Watkins said...

That was me.